Rita Brown, Best Caregiver 2020 #1

shschicagometro 12 Nov 2020

Rita Brown with her receiver Mrs. Jennett a World War II widow.

Best Caregiver 2020

Rita Brown was referred to Sylvie Hutchings, from Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care service Chicago Metro, in December 2015 by a veteran at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. “She is an ideal caregiver,” says Sylvie.  “She is very professional, hardworking, and caring to the seniors.”

At the beginning of 2016, Rita began working with a World War II veteran located outside of Chicago. It started as a temporary assignment, however, the family loved Rita right away. Rita took care of the Veteran and his wife until the wife was sent to a memory facility. Rita went to visit her daily and would feed her during lunchtime. After the wife died, Rita supported the family during the funeral.

Rita Brown with her receiver Mrs. Jennett a World War II widow.
Rita with her receiver Mrs. Jennett a WWII widow.

“Rita has been a tremendous help for Seniors Helping Seniors, filling in for a last-minute shift, covering assignments, even doing temperature checks at a factory at 5 am in the morning during COVID-19,” says Sylvie. “Rita is always on time, if not early. She is reliable, helpful, and goes the extra mile.” It is because of the traits she brings to the job; she has been voted Best Caregiver for 2020. Thank you, Rita Brown, for your service!

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