Helping Seniors Stay Active and Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

Seniors Stay Active and Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

Seniors Helping Seniors® is placing a spotlight on advice and insights for how seniors can stay active and avoid the post-holiday blues. Our company has grown rapidly in recent years by building a workforce of talented caregivers who create meaningful relationships with their senior care receivers. While the holidays are often joyous and busy, the end of the holiday season can be a difficult time of year.

A survey revealed that 64% of people experience post-holiday blues, and this can be especially true for older adults. Often, coming down from the excitement and stress of the holiday season and being isolated from family members can lead to feelings of sadness and finding it hard to stay active.

In fact, staying active throughout the winter and after the holidays can become more difficult as people age, particularly for those living in colder climates, and we have seen every year just how challenging the holiday months can be for our elderly friends, family, and neighbors. The key to staying active once the holidays have passed and developing the right habits.

We work closely with our senior clients and their families to instill good, healthy habits that will promote good health all year round but are particularly critical during the holiday season. Some of the most important tips for habits that lead to avoiding post-holiday blues include:

Stick to your routine

Get the right amount of rest

Maintain a healthy diet

Set small but measurable goals

Take up a new hobby

Seniors Helping Seniors® services stand out from other brands in the elder care space in part through its commitment to hiring senior caregivers, which provides employment opportunities for seniors and better cultivates meaningful relationships between caregivers and care receivers.

Part of why our caregivers love working with Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services is due to our commitment to promoting the health of everyone in our communities — not just our clients. Our whole team is passionate about uplifting the lives of seniors and their families, and we are always looking for new ways to reach out and lend a hand.

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