Why Most Seniors Prefer Aging in Place

shschicagometro 21 Jul 2021

There will always come a time when our parents—or grandparents, for that matter—will need looking after. Such is the nature of aging, and there are options that we can go for to make sure they are taken care of in the best possible way.

Children of seniors typically consider putting their elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility or, in some cases, a nursing home. However, if you make senior loved ones choose between living in a nursing home or staying in their homes to age in place, they will likely go for the latter.

Aging in Place

It is understandable why most seniors prefer aging in place. For one, it is difficult for seniors—and just about anyone else—to leave the place they have called home for decades. The house is something they acquired or built themselves, and no one can just ask them to give it up. Their house is their territory, and it is full of memories that they cannot simply leave behind. They also believe that leaving their home also means giving up their independence.

Physically moving to a senior living facility can also prove to be stressful for them. Although they would not be packing or carrying their things, they will still need to sort through their possessions, which can already be physically and emotionally exhausting.

The fear of the unknown is also a common issue among seniors who are asked to move into a nursing home. They likely would not know anyone there, unlike at home, where they are surrounded by friends and family most of the time. If they move out and stay at a home for seniors, the fear of missing out on the company of loved ones often gets the better of them.

In-Home Services

It is a good thing that moving to a home is not the only option for seniors. They can go for an in-home care service. No one can deny its benefits, which are listed in the infographic below. If you or a loved one needs help to age in place, please reach out to Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Metro at 312-526-3666 and ask about our in-home care services.

The 8 Benefits of Home Care Services for Seniors

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