Great Vegetarian Meal Options for Senior Citizens

How has your elderly loved one been eating? If they normally eat unhealthy foods, it may be time for you to talk to them about how they are eating. You should discuss the benefits of eating healthier and the risks of eating unhealthy. Just make sure you do this without placing judgment. That may cause your elderly loved one to get defensive

If your elderly loved one is willing to make changes to how they are eating, there are some great vegetarian meals they might love.

Lentil Curry

One of the vegetarian meals that your elderly loved one might enjoy is lentil curry. Lentils have a lot of fiber and protein. You just need lentils, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, and curry spices. Once the lentils soften, you can finish off the recipe with some coconut milk. This adds manganese, iron, vitamin B, and lauric acid to the meal.

If your elderly loved one doesn’t like this type of curry, there are many other vegetarian curries that you or an elderly care provider can make for them.


Elderly Care in Knightdale NC
Elderly Care in Knightdale NC

There is a recipe called overnight oats that you or an elderly care provider can make for your elderly loved one. These recipes are full of fiber. Research shows that oats help prevent cancer and many other health issues. They also help people to feel fuller than many other types of food. To make overnight oats, you just need to have oats soaking overnight. They can soak in regular, soy, or almond milk throughout the night. Before you serve them to your elderly loved one, put in nut butter or fresh fruits. This can add more protein to the meal.

Vegetable and Brown Bean Burritos

Vegetables are great for everyone. They add a lot of nutrition to meals. Some of the best vegetables to put in these burritos include cilantro, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Brown beans are great to add into these burritos, as well. These beans are filled with nutrients and minerals such as iron, vitamin B, and potassium.

There are different ingredients that can be used as toppings for these burritos. The best option may be Greek yogurt. This adds more calcium and protein to the meal.


If your elderly loved one hasn’t been eating that great, but they are willing to make some changes to their eating habits, you or an elderly care provider should make these vegetarian meals for them.

If your elderly loved one likes any of these recipes, you can add them to their meal plan regularly.


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