5 Caregiving Tasks that Home Care Providers Can Help With

Home Care in Omaha

Some family caregivers are reluctant to hire outside assistance because they just don’t see how elderly care providers can really help their elderly loved ones. These are just a few of the ways that these caring experts can assist your loved one.

Getting Your Loved One In and Out of Bed or Chairs 

Home Care in OmahaDepending on your loved one’s health conditions, getting into or out of chairs, beds, or other situations may be very difficult for her. Your loved one’s care providers can help with transferring her from one location to another safely and without injuring themselves in the process. This is especially helpful if you aren’t able to help with this yourself.

Helping Your Loved One with Personal Care 

You may not be there during the day with your loved one or she may simply find it too embarrassing to have your help with personal care. Getting dressed, bathing, and toileting can be too intimate for some elderly loved ones to have a family caregiver helping them. In that situation, home care providers can step in and handle the task.

Feeding Your Elderly Loved One 

Your loved one may need help actually eating her meals or she may only need help ensuring that she has nutritious meals ready to eat at any given point in the day.

Regardless, senior care providers can help with all aspects of meal time, from preparation to actually eating the meal.

Helping Your Loved One Run Errands 

In some cases, your loved one doesn’t need as much help getting around in the house, it’s more getting around away from home that’s the problem. When family caregivers work, it’s difficult to be there whenever your loved one needs to go somewhere. Home care providers can be there for your loved one and drive, making sure that your loved one gets there and home safely.

Helping Your Loved One with Housework 

Maybe all your loved one needs is a little extra help keeping her home as neat and tidy as she always has. Care providers can help out by handling the tasks that are just outside what your loved one is able to do for herself, ensuring that her home is safe and clean and that she doesn’t injure herself.

Care providers can help in countless other ways, too. If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Omaha, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors of Greater Omaha today.

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