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Guard Your Heart!

Love is in the air… February is heart health month. We all know what we should do to be physically heart healthy.  How about our heart’s emotional and financial health?  There are lots of scams…

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You are never too old to start!

Inspired I am inspired by stories of seniors accomplishing amazing physical feats.  I keep an eye on a program called “Growing Bolder” out of Orlando.  They tell stories of 82-year-old body builders, 100-year-old runners, and…

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Connect, Create, & Contribute

May is Older Americans Month.  This year seniors are encouraged to Connect, Create, and Contribute.  Working with seniors every day, I get to see many seniors in action; working for Seniors Helping Seniors, volunteering in…

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Seniors Encouraged to Age Out Loud

May 2017 Article May is Older American’s Month. This year’s theme is “Age Out Loud.” It’s a nod to the changing attitudes about aging in America and the need for our voices to be heard….

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