Month: July 2021

Does Your Elderly Loved One Need to Lower their Blood Pressure? Here are 3 Tips!

High blood pressure can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and many other health issues. If your elderly loved one has high blood pressure, it is very important that they get it under control…

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shschesterfieldcountyva 30 Jul 2021

4 Reasons a Job at SHS is Perfect for Seniors with Compassion

Ahhh, retirement, where every day feels like a weekend. You’ve counted down to this day for as long as you can remember, and the living is easy. Having bid farewell to the regular work week…

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shschicagometro 28 Jul 2021

Heart-Healthy in the Heartland: Activities for Seniors

Staying Active For active seniors, staying in shape can be tricky. Running is a fantastic cardio workout but comes with some limitations. It is vigorous, unforgiving, and may cause soreness in your joints, knees, and…

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shschicagometro 28 Jul 2021

Seniors Helping Seniors Eats! Delicious Heart-Healthy Summer Recipes

Cookout season is upon us. Summer is the perfect time to break out the grill with friends and family. At Seniors Helping Seniors, we cherish these moments in the sun with loved ones and heart-healthy…

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shschicagometro 27 Jul 2021

Tobey Ellison – Best Caregiver Spring 2021

Tobey Ellison has been with Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Metro for the past 5 years. This spunky lady is in her 8th decade of life, and she has no plans to slow down anytime soon….

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shsgrandrapids 26 Jul 2021

Helping Seniors with Technology

At this point in my life I know I won’t ever be a technology wizard. I was happy with my blackberry phone in 2006, with the stylist for the screen but still had a keyboard….

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Great Vegetarian Meal Options for Senior Citizens

How has your elderly loved one been eating? If they normally eat unhealthy foods, it may be time for you to talk to them about how they are eating. You should discuss the benefits of…

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shschicagometro 21 Jul 2021

Why Most Seniors Prefer Aging in Place

There will always come a time when our parents—or grandparents, for that matter—will need looking after. Such is the nature of aging, and there are options that we can go for to make sure they…

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Seven Tips for Seniors to Improve Quality of Life

We are please to share a guest article by Harry Cline . We appreciated! Image Source: Unsplash Seven Tips for Seniors to Improve Quality of Life Although getting older is an advantage not many people…

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